The 21 Drop Kick Start Challenge

The 21 Day Kick Start Challenge is our most popular Starter Programme for stressed out, frustrated Women who want more from life, to feel like themselves again and to LOVE their bodies.

Imagine having access to coaches as real as you who can compassionately yet confidently get you from your current shape and turn your body and world around. Imagine having access to information and coaches that can take you from where you are, stuck in the same place and unleash the person that’s inside of you. Imagine working alongside likeminded women in a non-judgemental environment where everybody is striving for similar goals.

You are finally happy with your body and your confidence is sky high compared to what it used to be, you no longer stress or worry about clothes looking awful or whether people are staring at you in the clothes you are wearing.

“After my initial 6 weeks working with Better Body Fitness I’d lost 2 dress sizes and 20 inches!”

You actually ENJOY nights out and feel the life of the party, you aren’t checking and double checking pictures before you get tagged in them on Facebook and you don’t feel even the slightest bit guilty about picking up a glass of wine or a piece of chocolate…You get invited to a party and you’ve had a happy experience shopping! No more stressing or feeling upset because nothing fits or you hate the clothes that are available!

You will be supported and guided without that fear of people looking at you, without that fear of not being able to keep up, without that fear of being the most unfit or the most overweight. You will actually enjoy exercise!
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